Drownings can be quiet and quick. Here’s how to prevent them.

Posted By Playground Professionals
June 11, 2017

The warning signs of drowning are most often seen, not heard.

Those visual cues may be subtle, not dramatic, counter to what’s portrayed on TV or in movies.

“There is nobody yelling for help, waving arms. It’s very silent,” said Mike Kapuscinski, aquatics director for the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. “You can’t call out when you’re drowning because you’ve got water obstructing your airway.”

The person may not even appear to be in distress. Take note if a swimmer becomes quiet; has glassy or closed eyes; can’t talk or respond to your questions; or has hair covering his or her face or mouth at water level with head tilted back.

But knowing these warning signs of drowning is really the last line of defense in a series of protective measures that can save lives.

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