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Rachel Loredo, a Modesto-area mom, and a local team of play advocates have spearheaded an effort to replace the worn and outdated playground in Beyer Community Park with a state-of-the-art, socially inclusive playground. The playground, dubbed “The Awesome SpotPlayground” is currently in the fundraising phase. The project is a socially inclusive and sensory integrated play space designed to eliminate social, physical, sensory, and cognitive barriers from play. Through a design that promotes proper childhood development and intergenerational play, the Awesome Spot Playground will break down barriers that traditionally keep children, siblings, adults, caretakers and grandparents from participating in play with each other. Additionally, as a nature based and themed playground, it will create ample opportunity to open the mind, setting it free for creative and imaginative play. The playground follows principals of design intended to remove physical and social barriers in play creating a fair space, for intergenerational inclusion where everyone can play smart and play independent.  It is also planned for safety despite active play opportunities and for everyone to be comfortable while at play. Based on community input, the playground is divided into three distinct areas for exploration and free play: the Swamp Cruise, Savannah Safari, and the Rainforest Excursion. Each area has a multitude of sensory rich experiences offering graduated levels of difficulty, just right sensory input, and limitless creative play! For more information and opportunities to donate, please visit

"Appropriate design recognizes that a child with a disability is a child with abilities!" Play is very much a social process and the opportunity to be included should be available to every child. Often, planning efforts related to mobility...