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After more than 50 years of teaching, consulting, and writing about child development and play, Dr. Joe Frost is acknowledged as the contemporary father of play advocacy.

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Grandparents hand-in-hand barefoot in grass
In observing children in my neighborhood and many other neighborhoods, one may assume that few children live there. Along almost all the sidewalks and walking, jogging, and cycling trails that I commonly see in Austin and other cities, the number one...
A single flower growing out of grass
Historically, free spontaneous play was tempered with physical work and set in the fields, barnyards, streams, countryside, and vacant city lands. Today, children are abandoning outdoor exploration, free play, and learning in nature for sedentary...
Boy climbing a net playground
Experts representing child development, education, health, kinesiology, playground design, and child injury litigation responded to the question: Why do children climb? Children climb for fun, enjoyment, challenge, the sense of danger, and to access...