Wading Pool to Splash Pad

Summer 2012

Summer 2012 - Wading Pool to Splash Pad

Splash parks or spraygrounds are becoming increasingly more popular as communities look for ways to help their residents cool off without the expense of a traditional pool.

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playground at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates
By: Lane Lindstrom
This playground at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, has been a fixture at the baseball park since it opened in 2001. Photo by Pittsburgh Pirates/David Arrigo I have mixed feelings about playgrounds—and now a splashpark (which you can read about in News&Notes, “Coveleski Stadium Opens...
Reclaiming Your Community’s Wading Pool
By: Terri Smith
It is no secret that the economy is having an impact on recreational venues nationwide, public and private alike. Many venues are looking for economical ways to make changes to their existing facilities, whether for code reasons or just to update to a more current, aesthetically pleasing facility...
Climbing Rocks, Playgrounds and Bouldering
By: Cathy Kleeman
Bouldering is now a sport in its own right, with more than 9 million plus climbers and 600 related facilities in the United States alone. In bouldering, you can experience the same adventures, problem solving and physical challenges as rock climbing but the height is usually at 10-20 feet or less...
Empex Watertoys Interactive Water Features
By: The Play and Playground Magazine
As part of Playground Magazine’s aquatic-themed summer issue, we asked several companies specializing in splash park/sprayground design and equipment to give us their opinion as to 1 why interactive water features are becoming more popular at splash parks, and 2 to share one of their most popular...
Before and after playground retrofit
By: The Play and Playground Magazine
Above photos: top left: The old playground at Albuquerque’s Eddie Garcia Park was in need of a little TLC. top right: The new retrofitted playground at Albuquerque’s Alamosa Park is very appealing visually and offers several new play features. There are nearly 150 playgrounds located throughout...