Play Support: What's in your Park?

Spring 2016

Play Support Magazine, with boy climbing on a log sculpture

From dog parks to playgrounds and all the amenities in between. Discover the power of play with music parks and by allowing those with all types of abilities the opportunity to participate. Brush up on your skills on how to plan, build, and maintain your parks and equipment. Whether you are turning your wide open areas into usable play spaces or adding prefab buildings to your already existing parks, read up on what current experts in this field have to say. Learn how to use the outdoors to your advantage when it comes to your health, fitness, and time. 

In This Issue...

Outdoor Fitness
By: Stephanie Devine
On the way home from a long day at the office, you are driving past the local park like usual, but now a shiny new playground catches your eye. You quickly look in the rearview mirror and glance at your 5 and 2 year olds to see if they have also spotted it.
Tuned Drums - Outdoor Percussion
By: Christy Cooke
"I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning." ~Plato
Dog Park
By: Nora VandenBerghe
Like many creative endeavors, the first dog park came about as a social experiment. Less surprising may be the location of that inaugural park in Berkeley, California. Yes, the same free-spirited, progressive city well-known for the hippie movement of the 60s had a decidedly pet-friendly point of...
Outdoor Adult Fitness Spaces
By: Anne-Marie Spencer
Evidence Based benefits of Outdoor Exercise Improved mental well-being and physiological health Disease prevention Improved adherence to regular exercise, thereby driving positive health behavior change Greater feelings of revitalization and positive enjoyment Decreases in tension,...
Prefabricated Restroom Facilities
By: Hector Garcia
 As the movement for more green space continues to build momentum across the country, parks directors, planners, and designers are looking to streamline their park development projects. Leading the way to ease this process is typically the most overlooked amenity, the park restroom. This process...
Inclusive play
By: Antonio Malkusak
A very common and innocent exclamation used by millions of children every day across the world. To be welcomed and included in a play episode.  It signaled the beginning of a great adventure – where that adventure led was up to the imaginations of you and whoever joined in on the fun.  Was it...
Goric Playgrounds
By: Jay Beckwith
Ask anyone who’s tried it. Bringing natural elements to playgrounds is as they say … “muy dificil”. Let’s take a look at the obstacles systematically and then try to tease out design, programs and policies that will make “natural” play spaces more readily achievable and thus also more widespread.
Playground Amenities
By: Butch Defillippo
Often, when playground safety is brought up in a discussion, the focus centers on the playground equipment and surfacing. The equipment and surfacing are extremely important elements of a playground and there are standards, laws, and guidelines that can and should be reviewed when designing,...
The Playground as Theater
By: Bernie DeKoven
Making the connection between playgrounds and theater is nothing short of brilliant, and nothing even shorter of obvious. Playgrounds, after all, are theater. Just ask the little actors running around shouting, "Watch me!" to their parents.