Miracle Recreation FunRaising™ Program

If your community has decided to raise funds for your school playground equipment investment, Miracle recommends using our "FunRaising" program.

Here are some of the highlights of the Miracle Recreation FunRaising Program:

Miracle's FunRaising Representative will customize a program just for your group!

Miracle's FunRaising programs allow your group to earn a 50% profit on food and non-food programs! This is the highest payout of any Fundraising program.

Miracle's FunRaising professionals completely organize and assist you before, during, and after the execution of your fundraiser.

Miracle's FunRaising provides FREE brochures, parent letters, and money envelopes. Our dedicated fundraiser professionals prepare your organization's Fundraising packets for easy kick-off distribution so all you have to do is collect orders!

Miracle Recreation FunRaising packs each participant's orders individually free-of-charge so you don't have to. This provides quick and easy distribution! Shipping is also free!

Miracle's FunRaising Program Representatives also provide a friendly Customer Service Department to help with questions about your delivery and other needs that may arise. Miracle Recreation FunRaising is committed to your success and will work with you before, during, and after the sale! Call us today at 1-888-683-0049 for more details on the most profitable and successful fundraiser available!

To fill in our Miracle Recreation FunRaising form so that a FunRaising professional can contact and discuss your project click here: Miracle Recreation FunRaising Form

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