No Fault hits one out of the park!

No Fault Sport Group - Miracle Field, Prattville, AL

Miracle Field, Prattville, AL - rubberized ball fieldBradford Branch YMCA in Prattville, Alabama built a baseball field for children and adults with physical disabilities. No Fault Sport Group partnered with Giffen Recreation to provide and install just over 31,000 square feet of No Fault Safety Surface (poured-in-place rubber).  Unlike a conventional baseball field made with natural grass, this custom designed disability field is made from poured-in-place rubberized surface providing a seamless, porous surface to support wheelchairs and other mobility assistive devices.  This application will help to prevent injuries while providing a fun and accessible environment for everyone.

No Fault scored another home run in Conway, Arkansas!  The City of Conway built a handicap accessible baseball field called “Braves Field”, as well as an all-inclusive playground at Curtis Walker Park.  No Fault installed just over 19,000 square feet of No Fault Safety Surface for this project.  The City wanted the field and playground to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, and they were very pleased with the results.

No Fault Sport Group - Braves Field, Conway, Arkansas   Braves Field, Conway, Arkansas - rubberized ball field

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