Getting back to Playground Safety Basics!

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After a playground is built it is everyone’s responsibility to play safely and keep the area safe and secure for the children.  Playground owners can do many things to keep a playground secure.  First is to have adequate safety surfacing. Second is to have a CPSI certified annual check of the playground equipment and surfacing. 

Slyde the Playground hound cutting off protrusion on Play EquipmentThere are also things that parents can teach their children to do while playing, especially that it is important to follow the playground’s rules.  Rules not only assist in keeping everyone safe on the playground; it also allows for everyone to utilize the play structure to its full capacity.

Let’s go through 4 Easy Steps to Playground Safety illustrated by Slyde:

1. Protrusions are formed when a piece of playground equipment, such as a bolt, protrudes out abnormally. These types of problems can cause lacerations or possible entanglement hazards. more by signing up for the free Essential Slyde Newsletter here.

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