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March 28, 2017

Fisher-Price™ Elephant & Giraffe Wrist Rattles; Fisher-Price™ Monkey & Toucan Wrist Rattles

Shake it to the left, then shake it to the right and see baby’s turn her smiling face toward the soft sound as the first sign of cognitive learning appear and she realizes it came from shaking the adorable plush animal band you placed on her wrist.Little ones will be enchanted by the bright colors and fun textures while the soothing rattle sound will keep them entertained for hours on end. Measuring 6 inches, the Fisher-Price™ Wrist Rattles include 3 per pack and are made for ages 0+.


Fisher-Price™ Monkey Ring Rattle; Fisher-Price™ Lion Ring Rattle; Fisher-Price™ Giraffe Ring Rattle; Fisher-Price™ Elephant Ring Rattle

Rattles are the simplest, and most beloved, baby toy ever invented and babies have been using them since toys were first invented.  The sights and sounds are great for small children who are developing cause and effect thinking and spatial reasoning.  Featuring bright colors, fun patterns, delightful sounds and plush animals faces, these cute designs take the traditional rattles to the next level. The ever so bright and crinkly Fisher-Price™ Ring Rattles measure 7 inches, include 3 per pack and are made for ages 0+. 

Fisher-Price™ Toucan Zippie

The toucan Zippie is a fun and simple manipulative for even the youngest babies. Red is the first color your newborn will be able to see. Bond with your little one and watch how baby’s eye’s tracks the toucan zippie as it moves side to side. Then amaze baby by showing her how toucan zips back up when pulled down. It can be used as a teether and clipped to a car seat or stroller.  The multiple fun designs make choosing the perfect gift easy. The vibrating Fisher-Price™ Toucan Zippie
measures 12 inches, includes 3 per pack and is made for ages 0+.


Fisher-Price™ Monkey Bootie and Fisher-Price™ Lion Bootie

Whether they are for naptime or for play time, the new comfy and cozy Fisher-Price™ Booties will be there every step of the way. The jingle bell inside of the Fisher-Price™ Bootie is sure to entertain and delight your little one, keeping them moving all day. This bootie not only promotes activity and movement but is also an adorable fashion statement for little feet to rock. Measuring 4.5 inches, the Fisher-Price™ Bootie includes 3 per pack and is made for ages 0+.



Fisher-Price™ Rainforest Color Fun

Promoting developmental health as well as on-the-go fun, the Fisher-Price™ Rainforest Color Fun soft book is perfect for a child’s entertainment. The clip attached on the edge makes for easy access and storage while the teether edge and crinkly soft book makes for hours of smiles and fun. Featuring the animals of the rainforest, the Fisher-Price™ Rainforest Color Fun measures 6 inches, includes 3 per pack and is made for ages 0+.



Fisher-Price™ Monkey Chime & Chew, Fisher-Price™ Elephant Chime &  Chew  and Fisher-Price™ Alligator Chime & Chew

Play with me and grow with me! Imagine the smile on your toddlers face as they hear the sounds and play with the newFisher-Price™ Chime & Chew rainforest animals. With an included teether tag, not only will they stimulate their gums but they will have the time of their lives while they do so. The three different Fisher-Price™ Chime & Chew animals are all soft, colorful and easy for little hands to handle, have an on-the-go clip attached and measure 10 inches. Great for learning about the different kinds of rainforest animals, the toys are available for $5.00, made for children 0+ 



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