Screen Time Swapped For Outdoor Activity Under Nature Play 30-day Challenge

A QUEENSLAND boy is challenging his peers to pick the outdoors over screens this summer.

Hunter Barrett, 11, recently finished primary school at Moreton Bay Boys’ College in Brisbane.

For his final year six project he decided to undertake a three-day screen free challenge.

Through the encouragement of his mum, he then shared his idea with Nature Play QLD. The not-for-profit organisation was set up to encourage children to embrace the outdoors rather than their computers or phones.

Hunter’s quest to go screen-free inspired the group to create a 30 Day Nature Play Challenge. Children are being encouraged to have a #summer2remember by swapping screen time for green time over the holidays. Hunter — who was a self-confessed screen addict — said the challenge pushed him to do things he hadn’t done in a long time.

“I played with my friends and nature, it’s more fun,” he said in the promotional video.

Hunter encouraged other children to get outside for at least two hours a day for 30 days over the summer holidays.
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