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We at Playground Professionals are all about playgrounds! It's in our name and after all, who wouldn't be? Our inner child is awakend when we see kids at play on a playground as we remenice on the fun we once had. It turns out playgrounds aren't just childs play - there are many important issues surrounding each and every play structure, whether it stands in your city park or child's school. Issues such as safety rules and regulations, accessability for those with disabilities, and playground construction only scratch the surface. PGP invites you to dive into the world of playgounds with us. If you are searching for playground equipment or service professionals be sure to browse our directories.

Screen Time Swapped For Outdoor Activity Under Nature Play 30-day Challenge

A QUEENSLAND boy is challenging his peers to pick the outdoors over screens this summer. Hunter Barrett, 11, recently finished primary school at Moreton Bay Boys’ College in Brisbane. For his final...
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