Empex Watertoys

Empex has a new creation, Aqualand. This mini waterpark for children up to 12 years old has a beach entrance and slopes to 12-inches in depth. The climb and slide Aquadek structure is the main part, and the structure as a whole includes different Aquatons spray features, some interactive Watertoys, and also automated Aquajets in the beach area. 

These products are designed without metal components and offer a lifetime corrosion warranty. The specialty plastics used are lighter than metal and do not require an elaborate foundation or embedded anchors. This option makes it possible to cut costs for construction. They can also be easily removed or interchanged to give your play area a little makeover from year to year. Because they use plastics, they are lightning proof structures, which is a safety plus. Protruding valves are not an issue thus eliminating entrapment possibilities.

Plastics also make a broad range of diversity possible for creation of this unique type of Aquatecture. Their signature variety of colors and different water presentations that emit from each feature make these a dynamic playground option. Call 905-649-5047 or visit www.watertoys.com to find out more about what Empex has to offer for your water fun.