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Playground Safety Labels

Playground Safety Labels

Do you have all the correct warning and information on your playground(s)?

Safety Play, Inc. offers Playground Safety Labels that are called for in the playground safety ASTM F1487-11 Standard and/or CPSC No. 325 Guidelines.

These self-sticking labels are just $1 each or, with quantity discounts, as low as 50 cents each.

Labels warn and educate about the various hazards of strangulation (and to remove the hazards), hot surfaces, whether surfacing is in place, supervising the children, which age ranges the equipment is intended for (critical for safety, litigation defense and inspection evaluations) and that loose fill surfacing is at the appropriate levels (with the marker label).

Labels are made of durable vinyl with UV inhibitors to last a long time. They can be applied to any brand of equipment too.

The Strangulation Warning Label is one-of-a-kind since it has a graphic illustrating all of the strangulation hazards, not just drawstrings, as required by ANSI Standards. All labels will raise the ability to keep kids safe while lowering the chances of being sued.

For more information contact 

Safety Play
(888) 878-0244 or visit www.mindspring.com/~safetyplay.

Safety Play Inc. offers safety services and products for playgrounds, sports fields, and recreation areas. We offer safety inspections and audits, safety classes and programs, inspection tool kits and signs...

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