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7 Fun Family-Oriented Activities to Do This Weekend

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 11:20am
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You're ready for some much-needed family time this weekend, but you don't know what activity to pick. What's more, you don't know what everyone will agree on because you're accounting for plenty of different likes, dislikes and age levels. However, you do know your event can center on bonding and teamwork.

Find an intriguing and challenging activity this weekend that can involve all your family members. Here are seven fun, family-oriented activities to do this weekend.

1. Embark on a Scavenger Hunt

Go on a citywide scavenger hunt to become sightseers in your own area. Find your list, divide into teams and set a time limit. Then race against each other to find each item. For an interactive scavenger hunt, include tasks on the list like asking someone for a hug or shaking the mayor's hand.

Alternatively, stick to one in your nearby mall or neighborhood. Customize your scavenger hunt to fit your kids' preferences. You can choose to do photographs, collect items or perform tasks, depending on their interest level. Watch your family's creativity and sense of humor flourish with this outing.

2. Play Laser Tag

Families who are all about fitness and high-energy outings can appreciate laser tag. This arranges a healthy competition to draw your family closer. Most ages can play, and it gets everyone moving and engaged. Suit up in your laser tag gear to start developing a strategy to claim victory.

If your family is large enough, you can split it in half for a friendly evening of laser tag. Set a reward for the winning team to increase the pressure. For smaller families, invite another family to be your opponent or have single-person teams.

3. Visit an Escape Room

If you and your kids crave problem-solving situations, an escape room is a perfect place for your weekend excursion. You begin trapped in a room with all the tools and details you need to get out. Guide your children toward the answers to promote independent learning.

With time running out, you can work together to figure out the clues and break free from the room. In this adrenaline-inducing activity, your family becomes a tightknit team, and at the end, you know each other on a new level.

4. Set up a Backyard Campfire

Enjoy each other's company around a blazing fire with delicious campfire snacks this weekend. Build a campfire, position enough seating around it and round up s’more’s ingredients. Why not make a meal out of it by roasting hot dogs on skewers?

You can turn the get-together musical with upbeat campfire songs or take turns telling compelling stories. This laid-back activity allows the whole family to share in lively conversation and just relax.

5. Participate in Trivia Night

Sign your family up for trivia night at a coffee shop, restaurant or school to show off your clan's brainy side. An information-rich night can get your family's juices flowing as you try to remember answers. With the right category, your family can reign as champions.

Scout out the trivia night themes in your area, then start quizzing your kids on little-known facts. Family-friendly categories might include Disney trivia or historical facts, but make sure to check the age requirements before you go. You can also start a trivia night at your child's school to get other families in on the fun.

6. Drop by the Local Planetarium

Transport your family to a new setting by exploring a planetarium. Sit under a celestial view with your loved ones to learn and wonder at the universe. Enhance your children's education with this experience and get involved in their learning.

Watch a multimedia show or learn about the mysteries of the stars, then discuss the possibilities of space with your family afterward. Stretch you and your family's thinking outside the box and stargaze together in the coming weeks to reinforce their knowledge.

7. Volunteer at a Charity

Give back to your community alongside your family this weekend. Schedule a few hours at your favorite charity to donate your time and energy to a cause. You can serve hot meals at a soup kitchen or sort clothes at a clothing-based charity.

This is an opportunity to teach your kids how to care for others and contribute to something larger than themselves. Serve with your family to open worthwhile discussions and build deeper relationships with one another.

Bond with Your Family This Weekend

As you plan your family time, discover a way to strengthen your bonds with one another. Improve your ability to work as a team, critically think and grow together. Not only will you have a great weekend, but you'll also enrich your lives.


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