Big Top Toys, Inc. has been manufacturing quality playground equipment since 1990. During this time, our main focus has been on playground equipment for day care centers, pre-schools and kindergartens. We specialize in individual, independent, stand alone equipment. We feel stand alone pieces of playground equipment are better suited and more age-appropriate for young children five (5) years and under. It allows them to expand their learning experience at their own pace and risk comfort level. Individual pieces of playground equipment also creates more social interaction among children of the same skill levels while encouraging their development in a more unstructured environment.

As our customers’ needs have changed over the years, our products have also changed to include play structures and site amenities designed for elementary schools and after school programs, as well as municipal parks and recreation departments.

We have complete design and manufacturing abilities. Great care is given in the design of our equipment to meet or exceed all the requirements and guidelines set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Please call or email us to discuss any of your playground equipment needs.