fbpx America's Promise Alliance announces Katrina's Kids

America's Promise Alliance announces Katrina's Kids

Wed, 03/01/2006 - 2:00pm
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Aid for youngest victims of the hurricane

This long-term support effort for Katrina’s kids will be supported by a network of nonprofit, corporate, and faith-based organizations to help support the children that were affected by this tragedy.

“Katrina’s Kids” will use the abilities of these organizations and partners to help rebuild lives that were turned upside down and work to see that these children, estimated to be approximately 500,000 in number will receive at a minimum the Five Promises. These are five fundamental resources proven to be essential to a child’s success:

  • caring adults who are actively involved in their lives,
  • safe places in which to learn and grow,
  • a healthy start toward adulthood,
  • an effective education that builds marketable skills, and
  • opportunities to help others

If you would like to contribute to this cause, you may visit www.katrinaskids.org and donate to help make this happen.

Using the framework of the Five Promises, people will be able to discover ways to be a mentor or tutor, support after-school and daycare programs as well as help with immunizations and checkups.

This can help these young people to succeed in new surroundings and school and even involve “Katrina’s Kids” in volunteer efforts. This site is also linked directly to the White House volunteer site at https://www.ready.gov/citizen-corps.

“The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina serves as a clarion call for American communities to help improve the odds for the many children affected by the storm,” said Stephen Goldsmith, chairman, Corporation for National and Community Service. Goldsmith, former mayor of Indianapolis, Ind., and an America’s Promise board member, will serve as the chairman of “Katrina’s Kids.” These supporters of this effort have noted how President Bush has called on all Americans to do their part to help out.

“Ultimately it is our hope that ‘Katrina’s Kids’ has a ripple effect, improving the lives of not only the children left in need by the hurricane but of all children who need our support,” stated Marguerite Sallee, president, and CEO of America’s Promise Alliance.

For more information on “Katrina’s Kids” or America’s Promise Alliance, contact Sue Lomenzo at America’s Promise at 703-535-3864.

America’s Promise was founded by retired General Colin L. Powell, following the President’s­ Summit for America’s Future in 1997. Alma J. Powell currently serves as chair.

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