Playgrounds are a major part of child development … and, when designed and maintained right, they’re a heck of a lot of fun. Best friends are made on the playground. Adventure is had on the playground. Children grow by taking risks. Who doesn’t remember seeing who could jump the farthest or highest off the swings?

Sonam wants all of this to happen and more. They’re tired of hearing about swings being removed because they’re “too dangerous.” They’re tired of frivolous lawsuits as a result of a playground injury. They’re tired of seeing playgrounds become dull.

Over half of the playground injuries that result in a trip to the ER are because of a fall onto the surface – over the last few years, there were over 100,000 such ER visits each year and over 5,500 children under the age of five who suffered a traumatic brain injury on a playground. Sonam believes many of these can be prevented if the playground owner, and parents, know how safe the surface is on each day of play.

Parents and playground owners lack the knowledge today to fully understand if the playground safety surface is safe. Most insight on the surface is based on lab test data – not actual data from the surface in the field of play.

Sonam Technologies, Inc. was created with the single goal of making playgrounds around the world safe for play. Their easy to use, patent pending ST Impact Analyzer quickly assesses brain injury risk levels upon impact with a playground or sports surface.