fbpx What happened? Anarchy?

What happened? Anarchy?

Wed, 05/28/2014 - 9:17am
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The Anarchy Zone

"So there we all were at the Anarchy Zone last Monday afternoon: Alex and I playworking 14 six and seven year olds from Ithaca's GIAC afterschool program, 2 GIAC adult supervisors, 2 Cornell researchers beginning their documented comparison of play patterns on the Anarchy Zone vs. traditional play equipment, and a sweet family from Ontario on their annual visit to Ithaca and the beloved Ithaca Children's Garden and Anarchy Zone.

What happened? Lots! Lots of dirt digging, mud kitchening, house building, swing rigging, pool noodle battling, tree climbing…you know, the good stuff.

Anarchy? Hah. Far from it. Just kids doing kid things…with supportive adults saying "yes."

The Anarchy Zone - tire swing   The Anarchy Zone - mud kitchen   The Anarchy Zone - digging to China?   The Anarchy Zone - digging   The Anarchy Zone - water play   The Anarchy Zone - noodle battle   The Anarchy Zone - kitchen duty   The Anarchy Zone - climbing

The Anarchy Zone

Rusty Keeler is an artist and play designer living among the hills and woods outside Ithaca, NY. Rusty worked as a playground equipment designer for BigToys in Olympia, WA and...

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