KOOP -Kid Owned & Operated Play

KOOP started in the February of 2015 with an idea among friends to give kids a space where they can play in an adventurous and more child-centered way. Years of research show conclusively that child-directed play fosters the development of the whole child. Cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills are honed through play which is a necessary and important part of every child’s life. They learn to take calculated and healthy risks, thus finding innovative ways to play and create based on their own self-led and intrinsically motivated interests. They practice developmental skills such as overcoming obstacles, problem-solving, and communicating within their "kid community". In addition, they experience the joy of self-discovery and the thrill of the being able to pursue their own ideas without adult facilitation. KOOP is working to establish the area's first adventure playground for the children so that they can have more freedom in their play. 

An adventure playground is defined as a space with loose parts where children are free to create, build, explore and play freely and independently. Adult play workers support the kids and assist when requested, but ultimately the adventure playground is in the children's hands! It will evolve, grow and change over time as the children do the same. By working to establish one of the nation's first adventure playgrounds right here in C-U, we are putting our community at the forefront of an international movement to support child-directed and creative play!