At Southeast Outdoors Solutions,  we are committed to encouraging healthy lifestyles in all stages of development, and promoting relationships through outdoor experiences. We provide products and services that cover all aspects of dog parks, parks, playgrounds and more. This has been a family-run business since it originated as Playground Solutions in 1989 and passed on to our family, allowing us to provide outdoor “play” spaces for other school, church, neighborhood, and community “families.”

Both southern-born and raised (Owners Michael & Karrie Poole), our roots run deep, and we are proud to serve communities and families all over the Southeast. During our free time, you can find us cheering on the playing outdoors, hiking, fishing, skiing, riding motorcycles through the North Georgia mountains, or planning the next family adventure. Sundays include eating a home cooked meal at Michael’s grandmother’s with 30 of our closest family members.

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