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Synthetic Turf Surfacing Option

Wed, 03/01/2006 - 5:00pm
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With playground safety on the tip of tongues these days, more attention is being directed toward surfacing concerns and installing the proper protective surface under play equipment.

There have been several different options utilized to help cushion the ground where children play, such as loose-fill solutions. Surfacing systems such as the poured-in-place and tile are now recognized as the safest options citing consistency, durability and shock absorption. Another option to achieve the look and feel of natural grass is synthetic grass with rubber infill.

It is actually more widely known as an athletic surface used by sports teams across the nation, but it is an all-natural option for schools and parks that want to have that grassy look without compromising on safety. Surface America’s PlayBound TurfTop with Infill can offer the maximum shock absorption and is ASTM-tested for critical fall heights (ASTM-F1292).

Its porous design and durability are among the features of this natural looking product. It is made with strong polyethylene fibers and resilient rubber granule infill, which helps the system resist wear and tear from foot traffic and the elements, thus creating the longest-lasting surface available.

It can be installed over asphalt, concrete, contained crushed stone or soil, and the TurfTop system allows a free flow of water. This enables the playground to be used immediately following heavy rain.

Since 1993, Surface America has helped schools, parks, and recreational areas transform traditional playground areas into state-of-the-art play surfaces. Qualities of these products range from superior formulation to proven materials to porous and custom design. This means Surface America’s systems are manufactured to give long-term performance and added durability. Surface America offers coast-to-coast installation.

Take a look at www.surfaceamerica.com to view the complete line of sports and recreational surfacing and www.aturf.com to see the A-Turf athletic field installations.

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