Playground Surface Impact Testing System

Fully compliant with American, European, and many other international standards for the measurement of shock and Head Injury Criteria, the Triax Touch is the only system commercially available. Using the most modern technology, the Triax Touch is the latest evolution in a long line of playground surface testing devices going back decades. 

Playground Surface Safety Compliance Testing

Since 1988, continuous engineering development combined with ongoing participation in worldwide standards has resulted in a device that produces accurate and consistent measurement results in both field and laboratory use.  The Triax Touch uses the latest technology with an electromagnet hold and release system that eliminates user error and sends data to the handheld unit storing up to 1000 drop tests. The included Triax application allows for report generation for free, and training is available.

Impact Testing of Playing Surfaces

The Triax family of systems include separate testing instruments for American football surfaces, and swing seats. Maintenance-oriented devices are also available for HIC testing.