SofSURFACES is an ISO 9001:2008 compliant, privately owned company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of highly-specialized safety surfacing products for use under childrens play centers.  Since 1992 our company has been committed to manufacturing quality safety surfacing products on an international basis. 

SofSURFACES manufactures an average of 2.5 million square feet of surfacing annually, the largest producer of impact attenuating surfacing in North America.  SofSURFACES is insured and bondable both domestically and internationally.   Our success in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and installation of safety surfacing is the result of heavy investment, innovation and production technology, combined with a dedicated commitment to providing each customer with a superior finished product, on time, and at a competitive price.

From Today's Playground October 2005

SofSurfaces has been known to shake product development up over the years, beginning in 1999 with becoming the first surfacing company to warrant a playground surfacing product for materials, workmanship, and performance to ASTM F1292 for five full years. Even since then, it has not looked back and continued to strive to produce that high-quality product it is known for.

Over the past year and a half, especially, SofSurfaces has invested a great deal of time and energy into new products and developments. Its R&D campaign has built upon that original success and the SofTILE warranty to continue leading the industry in the quest for even high performing products with great leaps made by examining the process in full. After time and energy spent in fine tuning all, from recipes to process control, it has again brought forth a new generation of product. To go even further, SofSurfaces realized, through a prototype of this product, that the current methods of testing would not be adequate in taking this product past its performance capabilities. In answer to this, in-house engineers then custom built a new breed of machines to do just that…test the product to its limit of abuse and see just how it compared to the current benchmark.

In short, let’s push the product to the limit so it meets safety standards and durability standards as well. These machines were created to produce repeated high-speed impacts from different angles and also test for abrasion resistance. This testing was completed not only before accelerated weathering in Arizona and Florida, where heat and/or humidity can be a major challenge for surfacing but after as well. This exhibits durability and resiliency of the product in extreme circumstances and is the mark of employees who are able to think outside the box and create high-quality products that will deliver these much-needed characteristics in surfacing.

Impact testing was completed, and happens to be the base of other specifications being built around with SofTILE HIC (Head Injury Criteria) results even averaging half of the allowable 1000 rating in the current ASTM F1292 standard, a seemingly unachievable result in the industry.

SofSurfaces continues in its effort in helping to shape the future of surfacing with its new and innovative ideas as it has also released an interactive guide to safety surfacing. This CD has product information and design elements that are unique to SofSuraces products, but it also has general information pertaining to characteristics of all major safety surfaces available in the surfacing portion of the playground industry to date. For more information, visit