Take a little innovative design, add quality construction and competitive pricing, and you have Pilot Rock Park, Campsite, and Street Site equipment, manufactured by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc. Whether you’re detail-oriented in your purchases or not, Pilot Rock is very detail-oriented by design, so you’re going to get high quality at a reasonable price if you’re shopping for your amenities there. It has been that way since 1959. This is a second-generation, family-owned business, pleased to provide exceptional customer service. It has had nearly five decades of experience in the design and manufacturing process, which has contributed greatly to the high-quality product that has evolved through the years.

Commercial duty is the standard, so the equipment can stand up to abuse by the elements and plenty of use and withstand vandalism. All materials are treated or finished so that maintenance is simple, or may well be non-existent in some cases as well.

This company has put a lot of time and effort into creating a product that is designed for the safety, comfort, and convenience of the end user. It is known that a supervisor will want to have a comfortable place to rest while watching children at play, and a facilities manager will want longevity in the product.

Look around you. You’re bound to find plenty of Pilot Rock equipment in your hometown as well as in federal and state parks, public and private campgrounds, amusement parks, aquatic recreation areas, military MWR operations, downtown, homeowners associations, churches, and associated with many playgrounds—just to name a few. Trails and athletic fields are a couple more places you might find its amenities.

Easy maintenance is part of the goal of production. A full array of designs and options is offered by R.J. Thomas so that you are able to choose pieces that work well with the design of your park or playground.

How does R.J. Thomas manufacture such a quality product? Technology has certainly aided in the advancements of this process, and it utilizes a computer system throughout the company to meet the demands of progress. From 3-D CAD for product design to its computer-operated machinery and robotic welders in its factory, it has the capabilities to turn out a solid product with solid value.

This is a second-generation, family-owned business, pleased to provide exceptional customer service.

It has the ability to process online orders through its intranet system as well. All of these facets, integrated into one system, make it possible to produce innovative designs, and the highest quality products at a reasonable price.

Getting into the details of materials used, plastic components are recycled material, which makes for green-conscious production. It also carries various warranties on products and stands behind its guarantee of a quality line of campsite, street site, and park equipment. To begin with, there is a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and more information on the varying warranties is available on its website.

The product line includes things such as grills, campfire rings, a wide variety of styles of picnic tables, park and street benches, and trash and recycling receptacles. If you want to get specific, there are so many variations of picnic tables available. Whether it’s portable or stationary; square, rectangular or round; or a table with a steel frame, you’ll find it there. These tables are also available in six finish choices or recycled plastic frames and in many different colors. It also offered child-size tables and standard-size tables; wheelchair-accessible tables; and all with top and seat materials in your choice of lumber, aluminum, and 100 percent recycled plastic in a variety of nine colors. You can also get vinyl-coated expanded or perforated steel tables in six different colors. A similar variety of choices is available in the benches and trash receptacles as well.

The line includes bike racks, wheelchair accessible products, and its plastic products are 100 percent recycled. In short, you can find something for just about any type of recreation area at R.J. Thomas.

Site amenities including flag and lantern poles, tissue dispensers utility tables, and custom signage are also part of the lineup. You can also order certain products in team or company colors. It has a convenient two-step ordering process available online and is well-versed in GSA contract purchases.

To find out more about Pilot Rock equipment and R.J Thomas, visit www.pilotrock.com, or call 800-762-5002