Fry & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing the finest combination of quality, innovation, and expertise in playground and park equipment design and manufacturing. Their group of expert consultants offer planning from site evaluation to design and finally installation and maintenance assistance for the finest combination of safety, accessibility, originality, and fun!

Different recreation areas have different needs. Each project has its own requirements, and "cookie-cutter" designs simply can not address these individual needs. Fry products are designed to meet your unique needs.

Safety is of the utmost importance.  Not only can Fry provide well-designed equipment, but also quality surfacing solutions to meet your needs.  Over 70% of accidents on playground result from falls to the surfacing, so the right surfacing choice is as important as the equipment.

Durability is a must in a public setting.  Poor quality equipment is an embarrassment and reflects poorly on the organization that purchases it.

Aesthetics reflect the innovative and forward thinking ideals of a community.  Aesthetics do not always mean strange and different.  Innovation is the right combination of classic lines and form with modern materials and manufacturing processes.   Many Fry site amenities and shelters were custom-designed for the project they were to be used on.

Unique personality on a project is achieved by combining the best products in the industry with a professional staff that listens to the customers to help realize their vision.