Playground Ideas is a non-profit organization that supports anyone, anywhere to build a stimulating space for play using only local materials, tools, and skills.


Playground DIY projects are the core of their work. They were founded with a goal to provide free designs, how-to handbooks, and online support to empower communities around the world to build beautiful spaces for their children to play using only resources they can easily find locally. Since 2007, over 1,400 playgrounds have been built using this model.

Custom design & on-site support

For larger projects, the Playground Ideas team can be contracted for custom design and on-site support. They’ve provided design schemes, team training, and build facilitation for projects in Australia, Brazil, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Rwanda, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, and Uganda. 

Global Play Alliance

Expanding global access to play requires a coalition of play advocates. That’s why they’ve formed the Global Play Alliance, a network of organizations focused on creating play opportunities for children in communities where these resources do not exist or are in short supply. This international network of play champions spans nearly every continent and is made up of playground builders, designers, parents, coaches, and playwork trainers.