Kidstuff Playsystems

It’s no secret that really great customer service in any industry starts with a knowledgeable and friendly staff who possess a firm understanding of how the product they sell can benefit an industry. It seems that premise is becoming less and less common in today’s fast-production world. Kidstuff Playsystems is one business that maintains connectivity to customers. That’s because its owners deal with customers directly. Kidstuff Playsystems offers IPEMA-certified playground equipment for a variety of applications such as parks, schools, daycare centers, churches, apartment complexes, campgrounds, new developments, and resorts. They are also able to custom-design commercial playground equipment to fit individual needs and situations.

For over a quarter century, Kidstuff has been an IPEMA-certified playground manufacturer. This Indiana-based company was originally named Olympic Recreation but had to change its name due to conflicts with the US Olympic Committee—a change made after reaching a legal agreement. The company’s inception began as many small businesses do with basement construction and a great product idea. Kidstuff was started by George McGuan and Dick Hagelberg in 1982 when they began drilling wood in George’s walk-in basement. Dick operated childcare centers that needed playground equipment, and George was a union carpenter and construction foreman who liked to make things. It was an ideal blend of necessity and skill. 

Kidstuff Playsystems is unique to the playground industry. It is still a small, growing company run by the people who started it. It is also much smaller than any other company that is both IPEMA and ISO-certified. “Because we are small, we all know each other well and give personal service to our customers,” explains Hagelberg. The “little guy” nature of their business provides the advantage of personally working with customers to provide a level of personal attention not commonly found in larger companies. Having worked together for over 25 years, Hagelberg and McGuan also have the benefit of a close-knit staff who understand each other and the industry and work well together. 

Another aspect that sets them apart in the industry is the caliber of products that Kidstuff Playsystems develops. “We use an exceptionally good powder from Tiger Drylac in our powder-coating process,” explains Hagelberg. “Factory reps have calibrated our oven and have allowed us to give a five-year warranty against fading and color deterioration. This is the only such warranty in the industry.”

Kidstuff employs several crews of installers to facilitate playground equipment placement throughout the United States. Not only will Kidstuff design and build your playground equipment, but it will also take the time to install it and do your safety surfacing as well.

Kidstuff Playsystems recently introduced its new CNC router, which allows for making custom panels. Its new panels include a solar system panel, finger maze racing panel, and jam (basketball) panel. “In the past year we also introduced a 5-inch OD steel pipeline to go with our 3 ½-inch systems,” said Hagelberg. “We also achieved ISO certification in the past year. This is an assurance to the customer that our equipment is built to the highest quality standards anywhere.”

The progress of the company looks bright for the future as well. Kidstuff Playsystems has recently adopted Solidworks software for state-of-the-art design.  This new software enables the creation of large 3D drawings of the product for customers looking to have a multi-dimensional visual of what they are shopping and planning for. 

Kidstuff Playsystems sells through a network of non-exclusive dealers. Inquiries from potential dealers and installers, as well as those in need of playground equipment, are always welcome. For more information, visit, send email inquiries to [email protected], or call 800-255-0153.

Recreation Creation Custom Playgrounds

Kidstuff Playsystems purchased RCI's assets, including Rec-Creation's molds and blueprints. We can fabricate new, original RCI parts for your existing RCI playsystems. We also design new playgrounds incorporating Recreation Creation design elements. Click the RCI photo on our Home Page for a Components Catalog. Please call for quotes.