American Swing Products Solutions for all abilities 

Located in Carson City, Nevada American Swing Products has been dedicated to supplying high-quality playground equipment both nationally and internationally for over 30 years. Its repertoire of clientele includes everything from public schools, parks, government agencies, private schools, daycares, and individuals. Future growth looks bright for this Nevada-based company as well. That's because it keeps a constant eye on improving safety and applying the latest technology. Its products are constantly being redesigned to increase longevity and meet the expanding needs of today's playground industry. 

They offer a great line of play sets that work well with daycare facilities. Appealing to younger children, this line of equipment is bright and sturdy and offers many different configurations to match play area sizes and budgets. This attention to specific niches in the market enables you to better select products to suit your unique needs while still being cost-effective. 

Last year, swings for special needs children were added to its line in two different sizes. American Swing Products takes pride in offering such equipment for the joy of playing for children of all abilities and hopes to expand its line of similar products in the coming years. Making it convenient for parents and caregivers, they have products designed for easy access - the child can easily be lifted in and strapped in quickly. No child should be denied the fun of playing in the park or at home with friends, even if that child has physical disabilities or handicaps which might otherwise prevent this. Psychologists and educators, along with parents, agree upon the importance of play in a child's development. Healthy attitudes about overcoming obstacles and building self-esteem are developed at an early age. Play is an important way of gaining a sense of belonging and feeling of accomplishment. 

American Swing prides itself on service as well. With a wide selection, its assortment of nearly 90 swing and playground products can fill practically any requirement. And, if the products on an order are in stock, they normally ship within 48-hour period. Because its out of stock merchandise comprises only five percent of its total inventory, orders are most generally processed within a couple of days. American Swings understands that efficient service is important and this dedication to timeliness exemplifies its commitment.

Play is an important way of gaining a sense of belonging and feeling of accomplishment.

Since many of its products are designed with a huge emphasis on safety, many schools, parks, and municipalities quote specific products when asking for bids. For example, its short link chain is designed so that the holes in the chain are smaller, so that small fingers cannot fit into the holes and be pinched. Also, many of its swings have stainless steel inserts to avoid vandalism, which also serves to ensure rusting does not occur in climates where heavy moisture is present. When someone vandalizes a seat by trying to cut it in half, it exposes the steel to the elements, which may eventually rust and break. This can cause injuries to children. Although stainless steel is more costly, using this material eliminates the problem. Even its residential seats have a considerably substantial stainless steel insert around a stainless steel grommet. 

Its products are all tested by National Testing Standards in Anaheim, California. Most of its hangers test over 5,000 pounds of pressure before breaking and most products have their test results listed in the catalog.