Falls are the leading cause of playground injuries.

Therefore, choosing a playground surface is your most important consideration. Selecting Safety Turf, Inc., with over 26 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of playground safety surfacing, will reduce the number and severity of injuries caused by falls to the surface.

Our proven poured-in-place system consists of two layers.

The first layer, or cushion course, is a blend of recycled SBR and Butyl rubber mixed with a solvent free MDI polyurethane prepolymer binder.

The cushion course can be adjusted in thickness to meet fall height criteria. 

The second layer, or wear course, consists of high quality EPDM and/ or TPV granules mixed with the highest quality MDI polyurethane prepolymer binder. The wearing course, with its many color choices, provides a long lasting, attractive surface.