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Lilia Shabutdinova is engaged in social media and marketing for Yeti, with a background as a preschool teacher and a psychologist. She has worked as a journalist and editor at the Sobesednik publishing house. You can find Lilia’s blog about education and children’s books on Instagram: , focusing on progressive approaches in children education, modern playgrounds and kids spaces. Lilia is married with two daughters.

Lisa Pleskan-Negro was born in Ufa, Russia. She is the daughter of Vladislav Pleskan, founder of the children's entertainment center Yeti. She studied in Newman University in Wichita, Kansas, and graduated with Bachelor of Art. She got married in the United States and shortly after that moved to the south of France. Currently she is working as a graphic designer at a printing company in France and does a part-time job as a graphic designer for Yeti. Lisa loves to read, buy beautifully illustrated books and collects Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

In november 2016 in Ufa, Russia a unique children’s entertainment center, Yeti, was opened.You can find different types of playgrounds for kids from 1 to 12 years old in the space of 1000 square meters. The majority of the playgrounds that are presented in Yeti cannot be found anywhere else in Russia. At the heart of the concept, the author of the project, Vladislav Pleskan, laid an idea of creating an alternative to the typical outdoor Russian yard : a space where kids can play and self-express freely. All the popular formats of playground’s in Russia have scenario limitations. The child is pretty much offered to play a game by a certain set of rules and his task is to fit into the rules and play.