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Nora is the Sales, Marketing & Operations Manager at Dog-ON-It-Parks, the world leader in specialty dog park equipment. She has more than 15 years of experience in marketing with an emphasis on brand management and new product development. Dog-ON-It-Parks' pet-friendly headquarters and manufacturing facility are based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

Nora has three dogs of her own: Gus & Quincy (Labs), Rory (Mutt/Gremlin). They all love chasing the vacuum cleaner! Gus helps out with recycling by shredding paper bags and boxes, Quincy rings a bell to go outside, and Rory is an expert at shaking hands. Nora says, "They are each other's best friends; if you separate them, they howl and are generally miserable until they're reunited. They make me smile every day and I can't imagine life without them."