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As the CEO of Adventure Solutions, Scott Hornick is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the business, as well as oversight of sales, marketing and project management.  Scott has over 15 years of direct industry experience, along with 7 years of experience as a CEO, within the climbing and ropes course industry.

Scott is a visionary entrepreneur and business leader who has repeatedly pioneered new products and services that address substantial market opportunities. Noted for building successful sales operations from startup to major market positions, Scott’s equal focus on vision and execution allows him to hire experienced teams, quickly build sales pipelines, and drive successful projects from beginning to end.

A former physical education teacher, Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Education from University of Towson. Scott's graduate course work focused on outdoor education.

About Adventure Solutions:

Adventure Solutions offers turnkey design / build solutions to the adventure based industry. Our extensive product line offers clients the widest range of options in the industry. Through our engineering excellence, passion for quality, innovation and safety we strive to make each project standout from our competitors. Our team of experts brings over 100 years combined industry experience to bear.

All of our adventure-based products combine incredible excitement with strong visual appeal and unparalleled safety. Using the highest quality materials, Adventure Solutions takes pride in designing and constructing thrilling products for adventure-seekers of all ages. Each of our projects receives the same level of care and safety, no matter the size, location or investment. As a result, all of our projects are exceptionally safe, visually pleasing, and extremely long lasting.