Skate Ramp Parts was established in 1998 in Whitefish, Montana. Since then we've been continuously striving to improve and offer the most elite and creative skateboard partial ramp kits, skate ramp surfacing, traceable ramp plans, and more.

There was a time when surfacing choices were mundane and short lasting. You could go with painted plywood, but find it splintering down the road as well as flaking away. Masonite is dusty and slippery making it inferior to the outdoors and steel sheeting is just tough to manipulate and unforgiving. Skatelite is specifically designed to give you the best riding surface, more importantly, longevity.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff produces semi built ramps. How do we differentiate ourselves from other companies? We are a professional company that builds quality ramps for the true skater. Don't get stuck with those playground companies who do not truly capture the designs and craftsmanship a skater would want.

Our partial ramp kits are precision cut pieces of the ramps. Whether it's halfpipes, bowls, street ramps, or quarterpipes, all of the difficult angles, notches, and curves are done for you. Just make some straight cuts and have your ramped framed in a few hours. Spend less time and money!

To assure our design fits your backyard space or general questions send us a message with your personal information or contact us at (406) 253-5365. Unpack it. Build it. Skate it!