Founded in 1986 by veteran pro skater Mike Mapp, Ramptech is a ramp builder, manufacturer and retailer specializing in skate ramp installation, fabrication and design. Mike applied his passion for the skate industry and years of experience skating for brands like Uncle Wiggley skateboards, Gullwing trucks and Bullet wheels to Ramptech product development. Mike holds numerous patents for skate ramp technology and was the first to introduce kicker ramps, grindrails and “Phenolic” ramp surfaces (ex: Ramp Armor, Skatelite) to market. These products are everywhere and are in the fiber of skateboarding. In addition to earning dozens of awards for ramp construction, Ramptech built ramps for Vans, ESPN, Smithsonian Institute, Pharrell Williams and thousands of homes and backyards across America. Ramptech is committed to crafting American made, high quality, weather resistant exterior ramps for SKATEPARKS and the SKATE AT HOME ™ skater.  We are a collective of Ramp builders, cad designers and craftsman, who genuinely care about what we make and what we sell. We want you to do it right the first time!