Playworld Systems provides fun and challenging activities that increase mental and physical wellness. With over five decades of experience, Playworld offers a variety of recreational solutions that develop physical strength, balance, and aerobic activity, as well as enhance social skills. Because Playworld Systems believes the world needs play, it strives to produce innovative, creative, and imaginative recreational products.

With approximately 300 employees and dozens of sales consultants and distributor agents all over the world, Playworld Systems was named one of the "100 Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania" for the fifth time in six consecutive years. Initially founded as QE Manufacturing Company in 1952, Playworld Systems began focusing on the creation of recreational equipment in 1959. Today, the company is known for advocating play through its brands.

Playworld's commercial playground products were introduced in 1971. These products can be seen in parks, schools, and public and private playgrounds with an emphasis on fun and fitness for children ages 5-12 years. Some of its innovative playground lines include SkyTowers, an exhilarating play experience that engages the senses while giving children the thrill of height with the comfort of the enclosure.

Introduced in 2003, LifeTrail helps make fitness and play life-long activities. Through its individual wellness stations, LifeTrail equipment helps older adults stay active by guiding users through moderate activities that help improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and overall cardiovascular health. Wellness stations can be installed in clusters or along existing walking paths, providing an ideal meeting place for adults to commune, socialize, and tackle new challenges together. Extensive research went into the planning and design of LifeTrail. Each of the Wellness Stations was conceptualized and designed in collaboration with gerontology, kinesiology, and recreation experts from Penn State University.

In 2004, Playworld Systems launched realistic appearing climbing boulders. Climbing boulders provide a challenging and exhilarating way for children and adults alike to play together while staying fit and having fun. Climbers of all ages test their mental and physical abilities as they take on physical obstacles and use problem-solving skills when making their way to the top. Bouldering also encourages socialization and self-confidence as kids strive to reach new levels of achievement both individually and in groups. All climbing boulders are made of realistic rock-like materials and provide sculpted hand and foot holds to give kids the experience of climbing actual rocks in a safe setting.

In 2016 PlayPower, Inc., a global leader in the recreation industry, acquired Playworld. “The acquisition of Playworld creates a significant growth opportunity for the PlayPower organization,” said Joseph Copeland, then CEO of PlayPower. “We will leverage the scale of our global business with the strengths of Playworld, including product innovation and manufacturing excellence.” “This is a seminal event for Playworld, our employees, and our distributors,” said Dale Miller, founder and chairman of Playworld. “Over the last 45 years, our family and dedicated team members and partners built a company of which we are immensely proud. Joining PlayPower provides access to resources that will enable us to build upon that success and ensure Playworld remains the competitive business it is today for decades to come.”  

Playworld Systems is an ISO 9001 Certified Company. Registration to ISO 9001 represents the commitment Playworld Systems has to quality and to providing products and services that meet or exceed expectations. As a founding member of IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association), Playworld Systems is committed to producing products that meet or exceed ADA and CPSC guidelines, and ASTM, EN and CSA standards. The company has received dozens of awards for its design, including two gold medals in the prestigious International Industrial Design Excellence Awards, two Recreation Resources Awards, a gold medal from International Design Magazine, two Early Childhood Directors' Choice Awards and the Recreation Resources' Editors' Choice Awards for Safety Excellence.

Playworld Systems products are available through a network of professional distributors worldwide selected to provide personalized local service to assist in every phase of a project, from planning to final installation.

In 2007, Playworld Systems began a campaign dedicated to play. This integrated brand campaign transcended traditional product advertising and capitalizes on the larger emotional issues associated with the concept of play. The campaign introduced a new company theme line, "The World Needs Play." The new theme spoke to the then-family-owned Playworld Systems' mission: to facilitate and advocate play for people of all ages.

"We are committed to this approach because we want to communicate the positive impact play has on every generation, from toddlers to seniors," said Matt Miller, past president of Playworld Systems, Inc. "This new campaign captures the true spirit of play and enables us to move beyond the nuts and bolts of our products and into the hearts and minds of our customers."

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