Percussion Play is a creative outdoor musical instrument manufacturer, determined to add harmony, soul, and energy to outdoor play environments across the world.

With over 20 years of experience in the play industry, the team at Percussion Play has one goal in mind - to lead the market in innovative outdoor music solutions. We strongly believe that outdoor musical play ticks all the right boxes – it offers cognitive, emotional, and physical play opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Combining our skills, we work hard to produce refreshing, interactive musical playful items and we love to create new, exciting ways to bring percussion to the outdoors. In each design, we use our creative, musical, and technical knowledge to ensure each instrument delivers in sound, appearance, and durability.

All of our instruments are manufactured by hand at our workshop in Hampshire, UK. Our instruments travel to play areas across the globe and we take real pride in each and every job we do. Whether your outdoor area (or budget) is large or small, we have an outdoor music solution for you.

Press Releases

Celebrating International Day of Education

Percussion Play

The importance of music in education will be championed by the outdoor musical instrument manufacturer, Percussion Play, on January 24, UNESCO’s International Day of Education.

As more and more schools, hospitals, parks, libraries and museums create ‘music gardens’, we are seeing children and adults benefitting from spontaneous learning.

Music can facilitate learning, support self-confidence, empathy and develop intellectual curiosity.  Music is commonly used as a tool from birth to stimulate young children and support social development.  By combining both music and the ‘great outdoors’, Percussion Play believes its instruments can help create fun and laughter and help to facilitate learning.

One library that has created spontaneous learning opportunities is Dayton Metro Library who partnered with an organization called 'Learn to Earn,' which initiated 'Play on Purpose' or POP sites. These sites are marked with signs to encourage parents and caregivers to take advantage of spontaneous learning opportunities. These can occur anywhere, such as at bus stops, outside parks or in library grounds.

One of the features of the Dayton Metro Library’s POP site is their percussion playground, where parents and caregivers are prompted to engage their children in conversations about vibrations and sounds.

Jayne Klose, the Community Engagement Manager at Dayton Metro Library says, “the children love being able to play a recognizable tune such as Twinkle Twinkle. The Music Book is so educational, and parents really enjoy seeing their children learn!”

Being exposed to music and playing musical instruments can positively impact a child’s social, linguistic and behavioural development.  Musical studies in early childhood fosters a positive attitude towards learning and supports mental wellbeing, reducing stress.

Percussion Play’s musical instruments can support a child’s musical education and encourages both individual and group participation, particularly instruments such as the Duo that can help encourage children with learning difficulties to play music together.