PDPlay started in 1990 when the founder wanted to buy playground equipment for his two young boys. After an unsatisfying trip to a local store, he decided he could design and make something much better than what was available to him. So he did. A local city official happened to attend a party at the founder's house sometime after the structure was built and liked it so much he asked if the founder could design and build something for a project the city was building. And so a playground business was born.

The company began building commercial playground structures in 1990 to serve the local San Diego market. Today PDPlay has a network of international dealers and sells structures across the United States and to far-off markets like Japan, Guam, and the Dominican Republic.

PDPlay utilizes recycled plastic to create bright and colorful play structures and other site amenities that are safer and more durable than conventional wood and metal equipment. Its playground equipment lasts longer than its wooden and metal counterparts because it is better able to weather extreme sun, wind, snow, and other environmental factors.

Ongoing maintenance costs are low as well because of its durability and highly engineered design, thereby making the total cost of ownership less in many cases than owning a wooden or metal playground structure.

All components on its systems are pre-drilled at the PDPlay manufacturing plant. This method of pre-drilling, in turn, eases the whole installation process. Each play system is delivered to a client as a complete kit. Play systems are then erected on site (similar to an erector set). Deck heights are preset no clamps are necessary. Normal installation time is nearly cut in half.

"We also take the added step of having our products undergo IPEMA certification so that customers have confidence our products meet or exceed ASTM and CPSC safety standards," says John Ogden, president of PDPlay. "No other manufacturer of recycled plastic playground equipment goes through this rigorous certification process."

PDPlay introduced a number of exciting new products in 2006 but it's most successful has to be the integrated shade and play structure design. Instead of having to purchase a separate shade structure to put over playground equipment, it integrated shades into several standard models. You will like the fact that these two previously separate products are now integrated, giving the benefits of both in one product.

PDPlays' very popular Navajo structure for the two- to five-year-old age group now comes with an optional integrated shade. Instead of buying play equipment and a shade structure separately, you can cut your costs by buying the Navajo with integrated shade. The Navajo packs a lot of play value in a space-saving design and has been very popular with churches and schools looking to maximize their playground budget. The integrated shade is also available on many of PDPlay's other models.

Recently, the State of California awarded PDPlay a grant to develop a poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing business. They recognized its success to date in marketing recycled plastic play structures and felt they would be an ideal candidate to develop their own poured-in-place business. They are currently in the process of developing all of the necessary protocols and procedures for the business including getting its entire product line IPEMA certified.