One thing that hasn't changed since the very beginning (even as our fashion sensibilities have improved) is our commitment to families. Our mission has remained the same. We still aim for five basic things:

To create equipment that keeps kids safe while they play.

To create customizable equipment that is inclusive, accessible and reflects how individual children want to play.

To create the highest quality equipment — made with solid beam construction, hot dipped galvanized steel rods, hot dipped galvanized bolt fasteners, nonslip dimples and powder coated rods.

To inspire play, imagination and all the magic of childhood.

To offer our clients and customers the ultimate customer service and play experience possible.

It's a pretty tall order, but at Playground One we’re up to the challenge. Every day, our team comes to work ready to take on the playground equipment world and hold all playground equipment to a higher standard. If you'd like to be part of the play revolution, browse our catalog today or get in touch to find out how we design playground equipment that inspires play and ensures safety.

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