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EP Climbing has been building quality climbing walls and boulders since 1988. As a team of passionate professionals, we have brought climbing to colleges, universities, public parks, and commercial gyms across the U.S. At EP, we partner with our clients to bring the best products and solutions through our collaborative approach, design, and expertise in the industry. Our offerings are dedicated to bringing all forms of climbing to all skill levels; from roped climbing to bouldering, that cater to all climbers, beginner, adaptive to expert.

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Multigenerational, and Inclusive Park Boulders for Parks and Recreation

Transform outdoor spaces into vibrant, engaging, and inclusive community hubs. With Park Boulders you're not just adding a climbing feature; you're enhancing the overall recreational experience and fostering connections within your community.

Outdoor Boulders are designed to elevate the park and recreation experience, making outdoor spaces more accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable for all. We believe in the power of bouldering to bring communities together, promote physical activity, and create unique opportunities for multigenerational engagement.

Around the age of 10-12, kids often lose interest in parks. Outdoor Boulders are designed to pull them back in and maintain interest through fitness, problem solving, social connection, and all you need are the shoes on your feet. The challenging nature of bouldering can rekindle their enthusiasm for outdoor activities, keeping them engaged, active, and entertained.

Bend Park and Recreation District continually strives to set a nationwide standard for exceptional and sustainable park and recreation services. Alpenglow Community Park is the first park in Bend, Oregon to include a bouldering area, bringing world class climbing into the parks system.

“Alpenglow is a community park that has something for everyone, regardless of age or ability, and it is already serving as the community hub of connection that we had hoped it would be,” said Ian Isaacson, BPRD landscape architect and project manager. I collaborated with an incredible team to see Alpenglow go from the drawing board to reality, especially the design and construction of the bouldering area. Having a partner like EP climbing on the team enabled us to create a wonderful amenity that will be enjoyed by generations of Central Oregonians.”

We believe, parks are meant for everyone, from children to adults, and park boulders reflect this inclusive philosophy that enriches your park’s community atmosphere and opportunities for shared experiences.

About EP

At EP Climbing, our goal is to make Park Boulders accessible to everyone.  EP Climbing manufactures innovative and industry-leading climbing products in Bend, OR since 1988. Since our first artificial climbing walls rolled out over 30 years ago, EP has built more than 7,200 climbing walls and boulders worldwide, using state-of-the-art technology and design.

For more information on the value of park boulders and how to integrate into your community contact: Allison Justice: [email protected] or www.epclimbing.com.