OUR MANTRA Everyone should climb.

Eldo folks truly believe that climbing, whether indoors or outside, is good for the mind, body, and soul. We have all witnessed the benefits of climbing firsthand and want to provide the chance for as many people as possible to experience the transformational nature of climbing. We work every day to provide opportunities for others to share this by:

Offering climbing walls that can fit into most budgets.

Launching the Panelized Wall™, the highest quality panelized climbing wall on the market.

Introducing the Climbing Slab™, our durable, beautiful, DIY modular panel that is only $199.

Seeking projects that get people climbing who would otherwise not have access due to geography, socio-economic limitations, or a general lack of access to a climbing culture.

Offering the TRUBLUE™ Auto-Belay so people can climb and train without a partner using the safest auto belay available.

Supporting organizations like Paradox Sports, a nonprofit that provides opportunities for adaptive climbing and a curriculum to teach how to create inclusive climbing communities, and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis to whom Eldorado donated a climbing wall.

Climbing, not just climbing walls, is at our core.
Everyone should climb.