We are the leading manufacturer of climbing walls in North America. We are passionate about bringing rock climbing to the masses, and believe in providing the most innovative, highest quality and best service to our clients.  We will work with you to create the wall of your dreams, no matter how big or how small.  All of our products are custom made by hand in Barre, Massachusetts.

Source: PRLog 1/3/14

BARRE, Mass. -- Rockwerx is a major climbing wall manufacturer with offices in central Massachusetts. The Climbing Business Journal or CBJ just published its Gyms and Trends of 2013 in its December 30, 2013 issue. CBJ named Rockwerx this year’s top builder of new traditional rock climbing gyms.

With all this new construction it’s interesting to see which wall builders might also be growing their businesses in America. Rockwerx was this year’s top builder of new traditional gyms, while owner built walls continue to make up the largest share of new bouldering gyms. As bouldering and traditional gyms continue to get bigger, we expect the proportion of owner built walls to fall.

- Climbing Business Journal – December 30, 2013 issue

From Design and Engineering, pre-fabrication in our massive shop located in central Massachusetts, and finally, on-site Installation, Rockwerx guides you through every single step of the build, leaving no questions unanswered and no detail overlooked. In a world of construction delays, we also pride ourselves on working within your facility timeline, for on-time delivery, construction, and completion.

After we construct the wall of your dreams, we'll stick around to be sure that you are completely comfortable and satisfied with your new wall. Beyond our state-of-the-art construction, we will also help prepare you to confidently and efficiently run your climbing wall, through exceptional staff and operational trainings and comprehensive route setting packages. Even after we pack up our gear and head home, Rockwerx promises to be a helpful and knowledgeable resource at any time, for any reason.

- Cort Gariepy – President and CEO of Rockwerx, Inc.


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Led by President and CEO Cort Gariepy, Rockwerx has evolved from his own experience building and operating a climbing wall in southern California in the early 1990’s, to become a leading builder of over a thousand commercial and recreational climbing walls across the US. Rockwerx has helped create some of the most successful climbing businesses in the country in recent years with its primary commercial climbing wall product, Gym Rock. In addition to making the highest quality seamless textured walls, Rockwerx has grown its business with its Natural Rock and Modular Systems, and is constantly working to offer the best and most innovative products such as new flooring systems, handholds, playground boulders, as well as top-end consulting, route setting and training services.

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