fbpx 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Sports in College

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Sports in College

Fri, 12/28/2018 - 11:24am
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Everyone knows that health is a precious resource and to remain fit, we should be regularly active. Whether it is for fun or pursuing a goal, any kind of game offers a set of advantages of which many people are unaware. Here is a list of the top five benefits of playing sports in college.


One of the main reasons why people choose sports is to get fit. Of course, many of us want to have a beautiful body and to be in shape. However, many people lack the motivation to go to the gym over and over again. A good way out is to join a college team if you have a good aptitude. The sense of competition is bound to make you more motivated to perform better not to let down your teammates and, most importantly, to beat your opponents. Getting fit is not that hard if you find the right approach.


Passion is everything, no matter what you are doing. To be a part of the team is like a job. Everyone has a role to play, and if you fail to show up for a training session, your place is likely to be taken by someone else who is more responsible. It does not matter how valuable you are for the team because of your abilities and skills if you cannot be trusted. Playing a sport for your college develops the sense of responsibility and commitment, values that you should possess while pursuing your future career.

Leadership skills

If you possess the charisma to get other people to follow you, then you can become a captain of your college team. This will help you develop those traits that will be vital if you decide to become a manager one day. As an experienced athlete, you will be expected to guide newcomers and help them improve. This will not only boost your relationships with your teammates and have a positive impact on your image as a student, but also serve as a good point in your CV when applying for a job.

Job opportunities

Successful athletes are more likely to get hired by companies because of the traits they possess. From the above, being a captain of your college team will serve a good reason for an employer to hire you, as they will understand that you are responsible and able to lead people. You should also remember that outstanding performance as an athlete can potentially grant you offers from professional teams. Perhaps, if you are not as successful in your studies as in sports, and you just keep wondering ‘who can help me do my homework?’ you should dedicate even more time to something you are really good at. Who knows, maybe you are a future NBA or NFL star?

Financial Aid

Many colleges encourage young athletes by offering them scholarships. Of course, many young students keep playing because they are good at it and love the sport of their choice, but it’s always nice to have additional rewards for doing what you like. As you can see from the list of the most sports scholarships in the US, playing sports in college can be extremely beneficial.

This was the list of the top five reasons why you should play sports in college. As you can see, some of them are not as obvious than others, but you definitely should stay passionate about the game you love, when it is not only fun to you but also beneficial.

Nicolas Walker is a professional, who specializes in the development of sports at the amateur level. He is interested in helping young athletes decide, whether they should keep playing the sport they like...

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