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Located in Richmond, Virginia, Preston Blackburn has never been one to sit still. So, she turned her love of movement and learning into her perfect career. For two decades, her company, Pop, Hop & Rock™ has been designing and delivering youth physical activity programs to rave reviews and big smiles. Preston has shared her philosophy of movement and the value of play to a child’s social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive development at NAEYC, VAAEYC, SCECA and the US Play Coalition, among others. In 2021 she was interviewed by Katie Couric Media, wrote a featured newsletter article for Canada’s leading fitness educator, CanfitPro and has been a regular guest blogger for Play with a Purpose. Preston’s mission is to change the way we, as a culture, value play by sharing her philosophy and proof that fun is smart. She knows having fun in big physical play leads to happier kids who see more success in the classroom.