Pacific Fibre and Rope has evolved since our beginning in 1929.  For the first twenty years of our existence, we produced manila casting fibre to the automobile industry, the aerospace industry, builders, taxidermy, and packing.  In 1949, we expanded our line to include all the different types and sizes of rope and twine.  In the 70’s, we became aware of Macrame and its potential.  What a ride!!!  We created programs that were introduced to the craft stores, big-box stores, hardware stores, etc.  Our line contained all the different jutes-natural and colors-as well as beads, rings, instruction books, and kits.  Time magazine did a story about macrame and us in 1971.  Orders were shipped to all parts of the United States, including military bases around the world!  Our finished products, such as wall hangings, and macrame plant holders, were displayed in art galleries, and government buildings.  The good “old days”.

We have built nets for Flags of our Fathers, Spider-man movies, Disneyland props,  re-make of the Time Machine,  Katy Perry concerts,  and many climbing nets for the mud-run industry over the years.  The largest net we have made was 100′ x 100′ out of manila rope.  In the last three years, we have expanded our net making skills to include 50′ x 50′ helicopter landing nets.  Our nets and ropes have appeared in many commercials on television, and movies.