At Xccent, we understand that the real value of our equipment is the real life experiences that children and families enjoy when they visit a playground. Good planning and innovative equipment are the keys to enhancing that experience… not buckets of money. Creating PlayValue is central to everything we do at Xccent. It means that dollar for dollar your school, community or organization is getting the greatest degree of safe, innovative play as is physically possible. Here are a few examples of how we do it.

• We continuously look for ways to increase maximum users on playground equipment and engineer dual use play events whenever possible.
•  Our Freestanding Play items accommodate as many children as a small to medium size structure at a third of the cost.
• Our Mix & Match Systems incorporate exciting transitions to keep children active and engaged.
• Our constant search for manufacturing efficiencies, and an ever-expanding menu of in-house capabilities enables us to keep our costs lower. Daylighting skylights, the reuse of scraps and water reclamation are great examples of sustainable business practices that save resources and increase efficiency.
* Our new production facility in Wyoming, MN utilizes the most up to date technologies and new highly efficient wash-paint lines to keep our costs down.

Remember, it isn’t always the number of play events that are on a play structure that make it a good value, it is the value of the play itself.