Formerly Rainbow Turf Products. As manufacturers, we have dedicated ourselves to educating the public on the benefits of recycled products and how they can play an integral part in creating beautiful gardening, landscape and surfacing solutions. Part of the process is helping the customer to understand that recycling is not simply about making products out of discarded materials, but about consumers actually purchasing these recycled products. In order to succeed with this daunting task, we are committed to introducing only the highest quality end products into the marketplace. This allows the consumer to purchase something they will truly enjoy along with the “feel good” part that comes along with going “Green”. 

Imagine sending something as big as a battleship to a landfill!  Well, that is about the same size and weight a local company has diverted from our landfills by recycling waste rubber into a useful product. Rubber Designs not only helps eliminate waste from landfills, they provide a colorful, durable, flexible, safety surfacing material for many of our park and play areas. So, the next time you are at an amusement park, a zoo, a nature preserve, a school playground or even a fast food restaurant play room – look down; you are probably standing on something that could have occupied a landfill had it not been for the ingenuity of Play Space Services, Advanced Recreational Concepts and Rubber Designs.