Since the beginning, we’ve dared to be different. Today, our superior products, practice, and performance prove that it worked.

Press Releases

ForeverLawn, Inc., an Albuquerque-based synthetic grass firm, is helping lower water bills and conserving resources across the country. As summer heats up, many areas are experiencing drought conditions, and water bills skyrocket to keep lawns green.

Meanwhile, locations with ForeverLawn installations have saved 18,080,357 gallons of water this month alone that would have otherwise been used to water natural lawns. Based on lower water bills and reduced maintenance costs, these homes and businesses have saved millions of dollars in maintaining these lawns as well.

Although many customers are installing ForeverLawn primarily for the beautification and enhanced functionality of their lawns, ForeverLawn also offers Playground Grass and GolfGreens as well as Sportsgrass. Each product is built on a proprietary platform that assures product performance and longevity.

"Our goal is to create a product that looks good, effectively serves its purpose, and is environmentally sound," said Brian Karmie, ForeverLawn vice president. "Water savings is just one of the many benefits of our innovative products."